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Electric Motors

HyPer 9 IS Kit.JPG
Netgain Motors
WarP 11.jpg

One of the best motors on the market for EV conversions. HyPer motors are SRIPM (AC permanent magnet) and WarP or ImPulse are series wound. Series wound are known for the high torque they produce.

12kW motors custom T-Rev 2.jpg

QS Motor

Very good hub motors. AC drive. Super high torque for direct drive applications. They make double sided for motorbikes and scooters and single sided (pictured) for light weight cars.

Hub motor 2.JPG
Hub motor 3.JPG

Golden Motor

5kW Golden Motor.JPG
Bike motor 4.JPG
Golden Motor EZ Outboard 2.jpg
Golden Motor Outboard 1.JPG
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