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Electric Drive

Convert your own vehicle to Electric Drive.
Hilux new mags 1.JPG

Toyota Hilux 2000

This vehicle is our daily driver. Recharged from solar.

Anything can be converted to Electric drive, your budget may be the deciding factor.

Hilux new mags 2.JPG

Create your own Electric drive....... T-Rev

T-Rev 1.JPG
T-Rev 146.jpg
T-Rev 5.JPG
T-Rev 7.JPG
T-Rev 102.JPG
T-Rev 4.jpg

Electric boats - Make yours electric!

Kerme 3.JPG
Ma-Sea 45.JPG
Ma-Sea 52.JPG
Kerme 1.JPG
Kerme 2.JPG
solar boat.JPG
Kerme 2 13.jpg

Electric Quad Conversion

4 wheeler to EV.jpg
4 wheeler to EV 2.jpg
black quad 12.jpg
Red Quad 54.jpg
Foxcon Terrier S.JPG

Electric Zero-Turn Mower

Zero Turn Mower 1.jpg
Zero Turn Mower.jpg
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