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Battery Management System

Batrium BMS

batrium watchmon 4.jpg

Watchmon 4 comes with CMU and cable, USB cable, & screwdriver $450

batrium watchmon 4 expansion.jpg

Watchmon 4 Expansion comes with CMU and cable, USB cable, & screwdriver $832

The benefit of the expansion is more configurable input outputs to control other things.

Programmable Battery Management System

Scalable to any cell count


Monitors, Manages,

1) cell balancing

2) 2 configurable input outputs can be used as high and low disconnect

3) can connect screen by cable or wifi

4) CAN communication to control charger etc.


and Displays....

1) highest and lowest cell voltage shown as a number & identifies which cell

2) bar graph shows every cell voltage in relation to each other

3) pack voltage

4) every single cell temperature

5) charge and discharge current

6) Ah counter and % SOC

7) cell balancing

To make this system work, you need

1) Watchmon 4, CMU and cable or Watchmon 4 Expansion, CMU and cable

2) Blockmon M8 or M14, one for every cell

3) Shunt, 500A or 1000A

4) Screen, Can be the one below or you can use a computer with windows 10 OS

Note: you can buy direct from or we can help you put a kit together and provide any assistance you need to get the system working.

batrium blockmon M8.jpg
batrium Blockmon M14 cut to suit 2.JPG


M8 (8mm bolt hole)    or M14 (14mm bolt hole)  $30 each

Each Blockmon comes with a cable to connect it.

You need one blockmon for every cell

batrium shunt 1000A.jpg

Shunt    500A $229    or 1000A $259.

Shunt comes with cable

Batrium Screen 1.jpg
Batrium Screen 2.jpg

Chuwi Hi 10Air  $360

Screen to program Batrium BMS

View the battery data

Separate charge and data ports

Intel HD Graphic(Gen8)

Quad Core up to 1.92GHZ

Windows 10 pre-installed

Ram 4GB DDR3


10.1 Inch IPS Capacitive Screen

Resolution 1920 x 1200

Size 261.8 x 167.3 x 8.8mm

2 cameras



I/O Port - Micro USB Port

              - Type-C port

              - HD port

              - 3.5mm Earphone port

              - Micro SD slot

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