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9 basics steps to health

These steps offer some very powerful health benefits. Go ahead, try it for yourself.......


Grow your own,

lots of minerals

pick and eat fresh.


Oxygen is one of the most important parts to health, Deep breathing costs you nothing, and is easy to do anytime.


camping dawn.JPG

Vitamin D comes from the sun.

Go camping, and enjoy the outdoors

Exercise in clean fresh air

Exercise doesn't have to be expensive. Get outside. Raise your heart rate by doing something. It could be as simple as taking your dog for a ride in a wheelbarrow.

knee boarding.jpg
wheelbarrow 1.jpg
wheelbarrow 2.jpg

..........then rest

Clean Water

your body should be up around 90% water


Controlled Pressure / Stress

We all have stress or pressure.

It needs to be regulated. to much is not good

Trust in God

Adequate Rest

........and don't be frightened about laying on the ground, that's earthing out,

Missy & pups sleeping 2.jpg
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