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HyPer 9 IS AC Motor /Controller kit                   $8368

HyPer 9 Integrated System (IS) is ideal for light to mid-weight daily driver.

Industry Leading 3 Phase Brushless, SRIPM Motor (Synchronous Reluctance Internal Permanent Magnet) platform delivers outstanding torque and efficiency.
62V to 130V, and current up to 750Amps max.
Weight 55kg


Kit includes
1) Brushless HyPer 9 Motor,
2) HyPer-Drive X1 Controller/inverter
3) LV wire harness,
4) main contactor

LV Wire Contactor Motor Terminal cover.j
HyPer 9.JPG
HyPer 9 speed controller.jpg

LV Wire Harness

& Contactor

Speed Controller

HyPer 9

also available as HyPer 9D

Also Available

HyPer 9D IS kit,
includes Motor, Controller, LV wire harness & contactor           $N/A
HyPer 9HV IS kit,
includes Motor, Controller, LV wire harness & contactor      $8642
HyPer 9DHV IS kit,
includes Motor, Controller, LV wire harness & contactor          $N/A

HyPer 9 DHV.jpg

HyPer 9 DHV

HyPer 9.jpg

HyPer 9 HV


Compact Display    $246

compact display.jpg

Chill Plate       $288

Chill Plate.jpg

Prius Throttle (2nd hand)      $192

Prius throttle pedal.jpg

Motor Cradle     $161

HyPer 9 motor cradle.jpg

Water cooling kit    $238

water cooling for controller.jpg

Netgain Motors

WarP motors

DC series wound motors are renowned for the massive torque they produce from 0 RPM.

WarP 11 3.JPG

WarP9                                                                        $4165

WarP 11                                                                           $5233

Other Netgain motors are available on special order, see               on full range of motors and specs.

WarP 9.jpg

WarP 11

Brushes for WarP 9 and WarP 11.jpg

Split 4 wire Brushes

WarP 9 Brush set      $330

WarP 11 Brush set    $330

WarP 9

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