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Trev's story

We take life for granted, until it may be taken away from us.....

Late 2002 Trev developed major health problems. Many years of constant suffering followed. Headaches. No energy, weak and sore all over. Neck grinding, muscle fluctuations through the left ear, heart pulsing through the left ear. Heart pounding through the head. Sore eyes. Gut pain. Ear pain. Sharp shooting pain through the head. All 24/7. The pain was severe.

Very regular visiting to the doctor and specialists and other places for blood test's, scan's, x-rays. The doctors and specialist had no idea. Tried every other potion they suggested. Pain killers had no effect on it. 1 doctor suggested a cream that was supposed to fry the nerves in the neck, in an attempt to block the pain to the brain. Very glad it didn't work. Tried Chiropractors with no improvement. 3 Naturopaths had no idea. 2 & 1/2 years I went around these circles.

Another Naturopath. He was booked out for 6 months, but booked in anyway. A prick on the finger, and very small blood samples on some microscope slides gave him all the clues he needed. Within minutes explained Trev's condition. He turned on the TV monitor connected to the camera on top of the microscope, so Trev could see what he was looking at. He pointed out the different colors and shapes and explained what they meant. He suggested a full program of diet and supplements along with some lotions to assist the body to get back on track. 6 months on his program before the first sign of improvement. It It was a long time to regain normal life again, but it worked.

Trev started teaching in 1991 and taught for many years. With the onset of this health issue, thought he would not teach full time again, but did teach full time from 2008 to 2016. A very good Trade Training Centre where he mainly taught Engineering, among other subjects.

Trev ran a Foundry & Fibreglass business for a number of years. Did 2 years (2000 & 2002) in Kiribati as volunteer teaching and became keenly aware of our dependence on electricity, so got involved in wind and solar.

Trev became interested in Electric Drive. Trev converted the Hilux to Electric Drive late 2007, believed to be the first electric rego in Qld. Partly because the smell of petrol triggered more pain. (toxic overload, swallowed some in trying to syphon it) and partly for other reason's. Trev can cope with the smell now, since being away from it for a number of years. It is rare, to stop at a fuel station now. Sometimes the generator is used for long distance travel out west where there are no public electric charge stations, and sometimes the public charge stations don't work, so it's either a generator or a tow truck..


Some health conditions, can be a long recovery process , one cell at a time, but the human body does have natural healing mechanisms, if given the right nutrients and environment.


Business is to promote living and driving by nature.

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