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solar panels 2.JPG

Trina Solar Panels                    $410 each

. 500W

- 72 Monocrystalline silicon solar cells

- Dimensions 2176 × 1098 × 35mm

solar accesory.jpg
circuit breaker enclosure 8 pole.JPG
solar twin cable.jpg

L-Feet assembly                         $5 ea

Rail 4.2m length                        $51 ea

Rail Joiner                                   $5

End clamp                                  $3 ea

Mid clamp                                  $3 ea

Solar cable 4mm2 single core  $7 /m

MC4 M/F cable ends                  $8 ea

MC4 Branch                               $18 ea

Twin core, double insulated, colour coded

Solar cable 4mm2    $9 /m

Solar cable 6mm2    $12 /m

Circuit breaker enclosure        $40

Circuit breakers                        $5 ea

Sungold flex panels.jpg

Sungold flex panels           $350

Super light at just 3 kg per panel

Made with ETFE, no scratch and stays clear

Maximum power(Pmax)                   140W

Voltage at Pmax(Vmp)                       22v

Current at Pmax(Imp)                        6.4A

Open-circuit voltage(Voc)                  26.4v

Short -circuit current(Isc)                   6.87A

Cells Efficiency(%)                              20.4%

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