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TC charger

TC chargers are purpose built for EV application

- shock proof

- water proof IP67

- dust proof

- air cooled, supplied with heat sink and fan

- water cooled option

- Input voltage 85V - 265vac

- output 3.3kW voltage preset or BMS controlled

charger Zivan NG3.jpg

Zivan NG3 charger

High quality. Excellent reliabilty. High frequency switchmode. Can be set for Lead Acid or Lithium batteries.

Input: 240v 15-19A (current depends on output required)
Output: Range of preset voltages 12v-144v. 10% adjustable from preset value.
Size 430mm x 220mm x 110mm
Light Weight 5.5 to 9kg (depends on output power)
High efficiency 85-90 %
Suitable for Lead Acid and Lithium Ion
Metal case base and ABS cover
Coated PCB for environment protection
Operating temperature from -20 c to +50 c
Microprocessor controlled
- output is independent of input variations
- protected against overload, short circuit

Deligreen 48v 15A

Deligreen 48v 40A

Lithium battery charger

Lithium battery charger

Chargers of all shapes and sizes. Let us know what you are looking for.

3ph charger.jpg

3ph Lithium charger

2nd hand - has been used a few times.

Cost $5800 when new, sell $2250

User adjustable voltage and current.

input 415v 3ph
Output voltage can be set 4v -192v

Output current can be set 1A to 60A
Any offers considered on this unit.

3.65v charger.jpg

3.65v charger          $32

Used as single cell charging.

Red LED - Charging

Green LED - Finished charging.

Can be left connected to battery cell permanently. Does not discharge the cell.

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