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winston lithium cells.JPG

Cell sizes   length    width    height     weight

40 Ah          115         47        183          1.6kg

60 Ah          114         61         203          2.3kg

100 Ah        143        67         218           3.3kg

100 B Ah    179        62          218           3.6kg

130 Ah        360        55          177          5.2kg

160 A Ah    182        70.5        277          5.3kg

160 B Ah    209        65          278          5.7kg

200 Ah        361       55.2       256           7.9kg

260 Ah        361       55.5        283           8.8kg

300 Ah        362       55.5        306          9.7kg

400 Ah        460        65          285         13.5kg

Winston lithium Batteries LiFeYP04                          $1.95/Ah

Used for

     1) Electric Vehicle Traction

     2) Solar Systems

     3) Start Batteries

     4) Auxiliary Batteries

     5) anywhere Electrical power needs to be stored or used.


We sell all sizes and attempt to keep in stock 40Ah, 60Ah, 100Ah A & B, 130Ah, 160Ah A & B, 200Ah, 260Ah, 300Ah, 400Ah. Other sizes are special order.

How to calculate a pack price.
System voltage divided by 3.2v = No. of cells, then multiply by Ah cell size multiply by $1.95.
Example 12v /3.2v = 4 cells x 100Ah x $1.95 = $780

Cells can be made in series / parallel configurations to suit any pack voltage and amp hour.

Cells must be strapped to stop them swelling in normal use.

Max operating voltage range, 2.8v to 4.0v

Ideal operating voltage range, 3.15v (approx.70%DOD) to 3.5v (3.6-3.7 ok, but above 3.7v you will see more voltage separation between cells.

12v 40Ah.JPG

12v x 40Ah

Some example battery packs

TSWB 12v 60Ah.JPG

12v x 60Ah

TSWB 12v 100ah.JPG

12v x 100Ah

TSWB 12v 130Ah.JPG

12v x 130Ah

TSWB 12v 160Ah.JPG

12v x 160Ah

TSWB 12v 200Ah.JPG

12v x 200Ah

TSWB 260Ah and 300Ah 12v.JPG

12v x 260Ah

12v x 300Ah

TSWB 12v 400Ah.jpg

12v x 400Ah

TSWB 48v 160Ah using 160Ah cells 2.JPG

48v x 160Ah

TSWB 48v x 100ah.JPG

48v x 100Ah

TSWB 48v 160Ah using 160Ah cells.JPG

48v x 160Ah

TSWB 400Ah x 12v with 200Ah cells.JPG
TSWB 12v x 400ah with 100ah cells 2.JPG

12v x 400Ah

with 200Ah


TSWB 12v 800Ah with 400Ah cells.JPG

12v x 800Ah

with 400Ah cells

TSWB 24v 780Ah with 260Ah cells.JPG

24v x 780Ah

with 260Ah cells

TSWB 24v x 300ah with 100ah cells.JPG

24v x 300Ah

with 100Ah cells

TSWB 12v 300Ah with 100Ah cells.JPG

12v x 300Ah

with 100Ah cells

TSWB 12v 200Ah with 100Ah cells.JPG

12v x 200Ah

with 100Ah cells

TSWB 12v x 400ah with 100ah cells 1.JPG

12v x 400Ah

with 100Ah cells

TSWB 12v 160Ah Hairpin.JPG
TSWB 2 cell packs.JPG
TSWB 12v 60Ah 2.JPG


Wall lining

2 pack

TSWB Hairpin 2.jpg


TSWB 900Ah x 48v 1.jpg

48v x 900Ah

with 300Ah cells

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