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Hilux new mags 1.JPG

EV Hilux

Motor-WarP 11

Speed Controller-Soliton 1

Batteries-Winston LYP 48 cells x 260Ah

The Hilux uses 20kW/100km. Off peak power at $0.18/kw is $3.60/100km, though I have been driving free with wind & solar power.

Some basic specs

1) Battery pack, 48 Thundersky Winston cells 3.2v x 260Ah. Nominal 39.9kW

​2) Top speed, 140km/hr.

3) Range, July 2013 fitted 52 cells x 260Ah, 180km range.

4) Range, April 2019 reduced to 48 cells x 260Ah, 160km at 100km/hr. Greater range at slower speeds.

4) Acceleration, in 3rd gear, 0-60km/hr in 6 seconds, 0-80km/hr in 9 seconds, and 3rd gear changing to 4th gear 0-100km/hr in 12 seconds.

5) Amp draw, on level ground, no wind, at 60km/hr between 55-70 amps, at 80km/hr between 100-120 amps, at 100km/hr between 120-150 amps. Amp draw is the same in any gear at the same speed. I can get 4.5-5.0 km per kW of electricity, mostly driving at 100km/hr. Amp draw changes dramatically with wind and hills.

Check out the conversion process illustrated with photos. Click on the page numbers. Each page has multiple pages, just look for the 'next page' button at the bottom of each page. Page 1�� Page 2�� Page 3�� Page 4�� Page 5 �� Page 6 �� Page 7

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